"The Eloquence skin care range contains no artificial perfume or colour and no harsh chemicals, which means it is suitable for all skin types, even dry and sensitive skin areas."


A note from our Product Development Manager:

About us - Eloquence

Welcome to Eloquence, your number one source for a natural, premium skin care range that will enhance your skin, hair and nails. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best ingredients in our products, with a focus on anti-ageing, skin hydration and skin health.

Eloquence is one of the UK’s newest beauty skin care companies and we are passionate about giving you the very best products with value for money being our focus. We have sourced the finest ingredients including Sachi Inchi Oil which is known for its high levels of vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids.

Why Sachi Inchi Oil

Why? Because on researching the benefits of using oils on our skin, hair and nails Sacha Inchi Oil with its unique combination of Omega 3 which helps to restore the skins elasticity, Omega 6 helps to combat skin dehydration and Omega 9 helps against premature ageing by intensely nourishing and protecting the skin from environmental stress. It is the best product on the market which is why we chose to include it in ours.

This superfood, which comes from the forests of Peru, is an exotic seed and is an incredibly popular health food supplement and premium beauty skin food. Its combination of ingredients means it can adapt to any skin type, not only parched dry skin but also oily and combination skin will greatly see a benefit from using Sachi Inchi Oil.

Research and Development

We enlisted the help and advice of an esteemed Pharmaceutical Product Development Manager to develop a product that was both natural and beneficial. She was also tasked to develop a product that was not only a premium luxurious product, but one that was affordable for all.  We are so pleased that she succeeded in her task and we feel that you will agree once your try the Eloquence skin care products.

Other Benefits

We use Hyaluronic Acid in some of our products as an aid to plump and hydrate your skin. It might appear to be odd to be using an ‘acid’ on your skin, but please don’t be misled by the word, as Hyaluronic Acid is kind and can give your skin a younger, fresher, suppler look and feel, and is a must in tackling the ravages of ageing.

We are all born with an abundance of Hyaluronic Acid which is why we all love to stroke the skin of babies, however as the years pass our bodies deplete Hyaluronic Acid, especially after age 40, which leads to skin slackening and wrinkles. Whilst you are never going to be able to get the skin of a baby, you can restore the balance, and the good news is that by using our Firm and Tone Serum, Firming and Moisturising Eye Gel and the Protect & Repair 24 Hour Cream you can add Hyaluronic Acid back into your skin, giving your skin a softer, smoother and more hydrated look.

What’s next?

We are already working on expanding our range and over the course of the next few years we are looking to introduce Hair and Body products, Vitamins and Minerals Supplements, and to further expand the skin care range.

Always at the forefront of our minds when developing new products to add to the Eloquence range will be in finding the most natural product with the maximum beneficial element. We will always keep our regular and loyal customer’s up to date with any new product launches, so you will be kept up to date with the ideal product for you.