A Warm Welcome

Welcome to the new Eloquence Beauty Care blog!

I am Jenny and I have been involved in Eloquence since its conception.  I worked with the Development Chemist to create some new and luxurious skincare and we at Eloquence are so happy with the products we have developed so far.  The feedback has been amazing from customers who have been willing to try something new.  Thank you so much!

jennyWhen we developed Eloquence we wanted the focus to be on anti-aging as naturally as possible, which took us to oil.  We’ve read so many interesting articles about the benefits of oil in our diet, as well as being used directly onto our skin, hair and nails and other continents have been using oil for centuries.

Our focus within our blog will be on what’s good for the body, on the inside as well as out.  If you’re anything like me you want to reduce those lines and wrinkles but want to do it as naturally as possible.

We all lead really busy lives nowadays trying to keep up with responsibilities and don’t always have time or money for facials, massages and mud wraps but there are plenty of other ways to stay looking and feeling young and fabulous!

So, here’s to finding out about them.  I’m excited about the journey!

Jenny xx

4 thoughts on “A Warm Welcome”

  • Roz

    I was introduced to your skincare products by a friend a couple of months ago and have been really pleased with the results. My skin is quite sensitive and prone to dry areas and blotchiness so it's always a bit of a gamble trying to find moisturisers that don't exacerbate the problem. The protect and repair cream has worked really well in getting the dryness under control without any flare ups. I've just bought some of the oil. A little bit on my hair just out of the shower has really tackled the frizz.
    Thanks Eloquence.

  • Hayley Williams

    Hi, I'm interested in buying these products. I was just wondering do you sell bigger sizes or are they just 20ml?

    Thank you

    Hayley Williams

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