The Eloquence story

Somewhere in a sustainable farm house a lady who loves beautiful products wanted to use a regime that was natural, yet with a luxurious feel.  She saw a gap in the market between natural and luxurious products, products either looked cheap or were far too expensive to justify the cost.

It’s important for this said lady to treat the environment with respect and utilise all of its powers, she uses solar for electricity, water stored on the land from the mountains, wood to keep warm, grows organic vegetables and never uses fossil fuels.  Why then would she treat her body any differently? The problem being however, she still loved to treat herself to luxurious products (you can take the girl out of the city and all that).

So, she developed some products that she knew would look lovely in her bathroom yet were good for her skin, hair and nails.

Eloquence was developed to be a natural product that could compete with the well-known brands out there (that she had always loved) and wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg for the consumer, another of her pet hates about products, far too expensive.

Harnessing the power of the unknown Peruvian Sacha Inchi Oil within all of the formulations, with expert help from the Development Chemist they produced five products that contain NO artificial colours or perfumes, NO parabens and NO harsh chemicals.  And of course are cruelty free.

sacha-inchiSacha Inchi Oil is little known, yet the people of Peru have been using this seed for centuries due to the high level of vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids and of course the high content of omegas.  Just what we need, inside and out.

The feedback has been phenomenal.  Once people try they never look back.  Beauty bloggers LOVE the products as do the repeat customers who order online. Sacha Inchi Oil is in all of Eloquence’s products, even the eye gel.  Why not harness the powers of this great seed by using it everywhere?

Eloquence; Beauty and Persuasion.  Are you willing to try something new?


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