Where does it grow?

Country of Origin: Peru

Peru is a country in the Western Hemisphere and is on the west coast of the continent of South America, directly opposite China on a globe of the world.

The Sacha Inchi plant has been cultivated in the Amazon rainforest along the east slope of the lower Andes for over 3,000 years, Archaeologist have even found evidence in carvings on Incan tomb vessels.

500 meters above sea level, mainly in the district of Pichanaqui (Junin – Peru), sandwiched between the Andes and the Amazon jungle your will find a land that offers the best environmental conditions to cultivate the Sacha Inchi plant. This land is rich in minerals and some nutrients and is an ideal growth bed for the Sacha Inchi plant (also known as the Inca Peanut), which is grown, cultivated and harvested by the indigenous tribes.

What is Sacha Inchi?

The Sacha Inchi seed starts its life inside a small 6 lobed green pod. The harvested pods are sun-dried until they turn a dark brown and split open, revealing the Sachi Inchi seeds. Once the Sachi Inchi seeds have been extraced they can be roasted (taking on a nut like quality) and consumed, or pressed and the Extra Virgin oil can be extracted and used in a number of ways for the skin, hair and nails.

Sacha Inchi has only recently been rediscovered because of the high protein and oil content of its seed it is one of the best of the Argan oils family and is now quickly spreading to the rest of the world.

The oil obtained from the Sacha Inchi seed is 100% natural, contains no additives and is one of the richest natural vegetable sources of omega fatty acids, essential for human life. Sacha Inchi oil contains Omega 3 (48%), Omega 6 (35%), Omega 9 (9%), proteins (33%) and antioxidants (50%). It is also rich in iodine and vitamin A and E.

Sacha Inchi Oil Benefits:

It helps to restore moisture balance, therefore can be used to relieve itchy, scaly and chronically dry skin, including inflamed or irritated skin.

  • The Sacha Inchi seed is 100% natural and contains no additives. 
  • A high extra virgin oil. 
  • Light oil that absorbs quickly. 
  • Excellent emollient and can help improve moisture retention. 
  • Rich in iodine and amino acids. 
  • Contains high levels of vitamins A and E (alpha-tocopherol), which gives it extraordinarily strong antioxidant properties, therefore excellent for anti-aging. 
  • Exceptionally high in Omega 3 (48%), Omega 6 (35%), Omega 9 (35%), proteins (33%) and antioxidants (50%). 
  • One of the richest sources of omega 3, which can be almost 50% and thought to be one of the richest sources of this fatty acid and such a fatty acid profile is rarely found in other oils. 
  • Can help to balance acne-prone skin. 
  • Excellent choice for mature and ageing skin. 
  • Exceptionally soothing to dry or irritated skin. 
  • A good choice of oil for the lips, nails, hair and scalp.

Use of Sacha Inchi Oil:

Sachi Inchi Oil is a wonderful external body treatment and can be used in a number of ways, this is due to the excellent combination of the Omega 3,6 & 9 range, high levels of Vitamins A & E, antioxidants and amino acids.

Sachi Inchi Oil can hydrate skin, hair and nails leaving your skin feeling revitalized, nourished and protected from the harsh elements and pollutants of everyday life.

Sacha inchi oil also limits dehydrating and helps to strengthen and rebuild natural barriers. It helps to restore moisture balance, therefore can be used to relieve itchy, scaly and chronically dry skin, including inflamed or irritated skin.

The Sachi Inchi Oil is also useful where your hair is dry, brittle or damaged, by adding the oil to your hair and scalp products it will bring out the natural oils and will leave your hair feeling soft, supple and manageable again.

The oil is an ideal product for mature skin with fine lines as it is an excellent conditioner, and is a powerful antioxidant making it a perfect choice for all types of anti-aging skin problems.

Omega 3 fatty acids help to regulate oil production and helps to keep skin elastic, and is therefore vital to healthy hair and skin. Omega 3 also helps to protect our skin against sun damage.

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